Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Registering for School

Today we had Penny’s school registration appointment.  It was a time for her to go and meet her new guidance counselor and to select classes.  It was a pretty straightforward procedure.  They had a basic schedule set up for her, but it turns out where school is concerned, Penny was actually quite happy to voice her opinions!  She did not want to take art or computer classes, no thank you.  So she switched into creative writing and marketing.  Now she is pondering switching from marketing to drama, her thinking being she needs to talk more.  So we are going to encourage her to join the drama club, as she wants to be in business someday and a marketing class might be more valuable than a drama class.

AFS Virginia gave us a letter to print out for each teacher, so those are now ready since we know her teachers’ names.  There is an open house at the school on August 31, and just before it is a mixer for new students entering grades 10-12.  I will take her to both so we can try to learn our way around the school and she can meet a few people.  She has acquiesced on attending the youth group tomorrow night, so that is good!

That’s the latest and greatest!

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