Monday, August 2, 2010


Yesterday we went to host family orientation.  It was a nice mix of volunteers and families.  Some of the families had hosted several times and some of them, like us, had never hosted before. We got a lot of information and handouts about how to successfully welcome the student into our home, what things we might expect, who to call for help, and so forth.

We were also very fortunate to be able to connect with the other family from Fredericksburg who is hosting.  They are actually taking in two students, both girls, one from Finland and one from Norway.  They will both attend the same school as Penny.  We got a lot of information about how the school operates and what to expect at registration and graduation, all kinds of great information and insight.  They live right up the road from us and so we exchanged contact information and they said we can call them any time.  It is great to have a lifeline.

They STILL do not have a date for us.  Apparently it all depends on when the bus gets all the kids loaded up in New York and manages to get to Virginia.  Frustrating, but that’s how the process works.  We are also waiting to get the name of our liaison so we know who to contact if there or problems or if Penny just needs someone to talk to.  We will have contact with our liaison 3 times per month.

We also saw profiles for several other students still needing homes.  There were a couple of boys from Germany and a boy from Russia and I think a couple of girls, but I can’t remember where they are from.  So, there are still students if you want to host!!! :-D

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