Sunday, August 8, 2010


We got word this afternoon that we may pick Penny up on Friday.  It’s official.  In less than 5 days, we will be parenting a teen and a toddler. 

We are so excited.  In a way, it’s like adopting all over again.  You don’t know what you’re getting.  You wait and wait and wait and all of a sudden someone hands you a kid and says “Good luck!”  I think we have an advantage—we already know that we can be handed someone else’s child who looks nothing like us and love her like she is our own.  I am excited to have the chance all over again, even knowing it will only last a finite period of time.

I have been having similar symptoms in preparing for Penny’s arrival as I did for Leah’s.  I go to the stores frequently, just in case I’ve forgotten anything.  Penny’s room is now armed with tissues, pens and pencils, erasers, tape, glue, a slew of pennies my dad left for her, a radio, new blanket and sheets, and we’ve moved the furniture again for about the 12th time.  We put risers up under the bed to lift it off the floor and give her storage room for her suitcase underneath and we finished cleaning out her closet.  This week, I washed out the shop vac, cleaned up the yard, and made an appointment for the carpets to be professionally cleaned.  I have a chore list as long as my arm, which fortunately several friends have volunteered to help with.  I am getting my hair cut on Friday morning.  Michael is taking the day off work.  We are putting the finishing touches on a welcome basket for her, and have a crack team of friends brainstorming on signs to welcome her.  Now that we have an itinerary from AFS of her arrival and our arrival, we can plan the trip north to pick her up.

I know all the students must be getting nervous about making the trip for their exchange year, and I’m sure Penny is no different.  We haven’t heard from her in a while now, and I understand that.  I’m sure she is tucked up with her family enjoying her final days with them before setting out on the adventure of a lifetime.  We look forward to welcoming her on Friday!!

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