Friday, February 4, 2011

She Makes Me Proud!

This past week, I took Penny up to Northern New York (another post on that topic will be coming up soon).  Unfortunately, while we were there, we got snowed in like crazy and so I took some time out to email all Penny’s teachers and let them know the situation and let them know we’d be back ASAP.  I received a wonderful collection of responses about what a great student she has been, and I feel so proud I could bust wide open.  A sample from several letters:

  • What an exciting opportunity for her to have. She is a very bright girl and will have no problem catching back up…  --Algebra teacher
  • I am glad Penny had the opportunity to go up to New York she is a wonderful young lady and a great student, I am proud to have her in class this year. –History teacher
  • Penny is awesome!!!  --Drama teacher

  It’s a good feeling to know that her teachers are responding well to having her in class.  When we hear from Penny and her opinion of school, we often are concerned that things aren’t going well.  Now we know otherwise!

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