Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just a quick note as I get our blog set up. Several months ago, we made the decision to host an exchange student with AFS. Approximately 5 minutes after submitting the interest form on AFS's website, we got a phone call from a local volunteer asking us to host a student from Thailand. We had no objections, not knowing a thing about Thailand, and decided it would be a great learning experience for us.

I filled out the host family application and submitted our background check information and we were matched just a few days later with Penny, a 17 year old from Thailand. About a month later, we were finally able to start emailing her and her family, in particular her mother, Linda. Our correspondence has been a lot of fun, and has only increased our anticipation in welcoming Penny into our home.

At this time, we are still not sure of the exact date that Penny will arrive, but we know it will be the second weekend in August sometime. We will attend a host family orientation in Northern Virginia on August 1st and hope to receive some additional information then.

We are a relatively young host family, and we have an interesting family dynamic that I think should give Penny an excellent year in the United States. I'll post again soon with more information about AFS itself!

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  1. Well, this is exciting. I was an AFS student to Thailand in 1980, and next Friday we'll be beginning our host family adventure as well. I'm getting ready to set up a blog, and was looking for other host family blogs, and found yours. I'll keep an eye on you!